KeyCreator is award-winning CAD/CAM software that takes a real geometry approach to 3D modeling. The product earns equal praise for its ability to quickly create design concepts from scratch, make changes to any model in any format, and extract and modify geometry in real-time on imported CAD models.

he KeyCreator tool set raises the bar for productivity. Since change drives the CAD/CAM industry, it is change that KeyCreator handles best. Whether the need resides with a designer, engineer, manufacturing professional or operator on the shop floor, KeyCreator delivers the right tools for the job. Easy to use and fast results are the backbone of this powerhouse package

Design: Design projects undertaken by KeyCreator customers are rarely predictable. Often, no two projects are alike. Whether the task is product innovation, complex tooling, or custom machinery concepts, what remains common is the need to work quickly with whatever type of customer data is available.

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KeyCreator offers a complete set of advanced 3D modeling tools to speed the design of products, parts and assemblies. Editing capabilities allow the designer to concentrate on the current geometric shape, without being locked down by the history of how the shape was created.

Kubotek customers rely on the assessment tools in KeyCreator to serve as a valuable front-end to the manufacturing process. From measurements to model verification and visualization, KeyCreator adds a level of confidence for design and manufacturing teams. When getting it right the first time counts, KeyCreator delivers.

KeyCreator speeds and improves the process of creating, updating, finalizing, and sharing engineering documentation. Starting with a 3D model, KeyCreator automates the process of generating drawing views and details saving hours of work over straight 2D drafting. KeyCreator automatically updates views and dimensions when the model is changed to eliminate the need for error-prone detail work