SURFCAM offers true simultaneous 5-axis machining, full visualization and verification. This enables the NC programmer to gain precise control over every aspect of multi-axis machining, ensuring safe tool motion in the most challenging applications. 5-Axis provides support for all standard tools with collision checking, avoidance, toolpath containment - and more. Surfcam V3

TRUEMill is quantum leap in CAM toolpath technology. A TRUEMill toolpath controls the tool’s engagement in the material being cut to maximize the material removal rate (MRR). TRUEMill allows a cut that is both faster and deeper than any other 2 & 3 axis roughing toolpath on the market today. TRUEMill’s effectiveness and speed is especially evident in difficult or exotic materials such as titanium, inconel and hard steels. TRUEMill’s superior toolpath is not dependant on the geometry to be milled, so no guesswork is required to see which pocketing routine is best. TRUEMill toolpaths have proven to increase material removal rates by up to 10 X and increase tool life anywhere from 30% to 100% while at the same time decreasing cycle times and reducing the stress on CNC machines.

Surfcam Features

  • Full tool and shank gouge protection ensures safe tool moves in the most challenging applications
  • Full support for multiple gouge check strategies - up to four separate groups of check surfaces
  • Control of surface gap and stepover handling, including lead in and lead out options
  • Retract options including plane, sphere and cylinder for increased tool control
  • Powerful tool axis control during swarf cutting
  • 5-axis drilling capabilities
  • Tool plane locking and limiting for enhanced control
  • Advanced vector control to provide toolpath optimization
  • Full visualization and verification


SURFCAM CAD/CAM Systems provide cutting edge technology for NC programming of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-Axis mills, lathes, wire EDM, laser plasma and water-jet machines.  SURFCAM’s extensive user base includes leading manufacturers in the aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial equipment and medical products industries.